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AMG-CT MR-3 最新一代 雙環雙吸Magsafe 手機指環

*隱藏式雙環設計 可直立或橫放 手指穿入雙倍穩固 收起時指環平坦
*360度任意旋轉 無限角度調節
*前後雙面磁吸 可配合Magsafe車用支架或Magsafe移動電源使用
*超耐用較位 多次使用也不會鬆弛
*可配合EX-6 EX-R系列使用 可吸附移動電源正面,秒變移動電源手機支架


*Super strong magnetism
*Hidden double ring design can be placed upright or horizontally. Finger insertion is double stable. The ring is flat when folded.
*360 degree arbitrary rotation and unlimited angle adjustment
*Double-sided magnetic suction on the front and rear. Can be used with Magsafe car holder or Magsafe mobile power supply.
*Super durable and will not loosen even after repeated use
*Can be used with the EX-6 EX-R series. It can be adsorbed on the front of the mobile power supply and transform into a mobile phone holder for the mobile power supply in seconds.


AMG-CT MR-3 Magsafe Double Magnetic Double Ring

HK$128.00 Regular Price
HK$98.00Sale Price
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