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最新韓國品牌AMG-CT WX-12 👍 
12000mAh (42wh) Powerbank🔥

✌️MagSafe (自帶線)3合一磁吸無線充👍

Apple Watch 2.5 W (輸出)
內置自帶線 iPhone / Type-C 直出 PD 20W 快充(輸出)
Type-C 輸入 (PD 18W) 輸出 (PD 20W)
Lightning PD 18W (輸入)
USB QC快充 22.5W(輸出)
支援 三星 / 華為 / 小米 等快充
15W Qi/Magsafe磁吸無線充
12000mAh 大電量
備USB和Typec 快充插口各一

尺寸 : 113mm*68.5mm*17mm



一年原廠代理保養:天馬科技控股有限公司 TEL:+853 39531618


The latest Korean brand AMG-CT WX-12 👍
12000mAh (42wh) Powerbank🔥

✌️MagSafe (built-in cable) 3-in-1 magnetic wireless charging👍

Apple Watch 2.5 W (output)
Built-in cable for iPhone/Type-C direct output PD 20W fast charging (output)
Type-C input (PD 18W) output (PD 20W)
Lightning PD 18W (input)
USB QC fast charging 22.5W (output)
Supports fast charging for Samsung/Huawei/Xiaomi, etc.
15W Qi/Magsafe magnetic wireless charging
12000mAh large capacity
Digital screen power display
Can charge 4 devices simultaneously
Equipped with one USB and one Type-C fast charging port

Dimensions: 113mm*68.5mm*17mm

Weight : 213g

AMG-CT WX-12 12000mAh Magsafe with iWatch wireless power bank

HK$368.00 Regular Price
HK$298.00Sale Price
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