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最新韓國品牌AMG Mi 12🔥
帶線外置電 12000 mah 🔋
QC 3.0 + PD 3.0 輸出
QC type c + PD type c  輸入

內置iphone 線直出12W 充電
內置Typec 線支援三星或其他Android手機 QC3.0 / PD 3.0 20W 快充

 輕巧外型 超輕超細

*Size : 90mm(L)*60mm(W)*28mm(H)


安全可靠 質量保證

隨機附送 usb to typec 快充線


一年原廠代理保養:天馬科技控股有限公司 TEL:+852 39531618


The latest Korean brand AMG Mi 12🔥 With wired

external battery 12000 mah 🔋

QC 3.0 + PD 3.0 output QC type c + PD type c input

Built-in iPhone cable for direct 12W charging

Built-in Typec cable supports Samsung or other Android phones QC3.0 / PD 3.0 20W fast charging Supports charging 3 mobile phones at the same time

Special digital power and fast charging light display

Lightweight appearance, ultra-light and ultra-thin

Weighs only 189 grams

*Size: 90mm(L)*60mm(W)*28mm(H)

Color: Black/White/Pink

Safe and reliable quality assurance

Comes with USB to typec fast charging cable


AMG-CT Mi-12 12000mAh Mini Power Bank(W/2 cable)

HK$298.00 Regular Price
HK$258.00Sale Price
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