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 最新韓國品牌AMG-CT SU-6+🔥
MagSafe 外置電 5000 mah 🔋

完美支援iphone 15及各型號
隱藏式電量顯示 型格時尚
前後同色設計 外觀完美
8mm超薄設計 金屬鋁材
低温控制 石墨稀加純鈷電池 體積更細小
兼容Qi2 標準
15W 無線快充
20W PD 快充
N54 特強磁力 一拍即充功能 智能方便
各地安全認證: CE FC IEC-62368-1
多重安全保護裝置: 短路/過充/過熱/過流保護
磁吸設計 不頂鏡頭 (包括大鏡頭保護殼)
超細超薄 僅重120克
安全可靠 質量保證

隨機附送 usb to typec 快充線

金色/ 藍色 / 灰色 / 紫色

Size : 103mm (L) × 66mm (W) × 8mm (D)

一年原廠代理保養:天馬科技控股有限公司 TEL:+852 39531618


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The latest Korean brand AMG-CT SU-6+🔥 MagSafe external battery 5000 mah 🔋

Perfectly supports iPhone 15 and other models

Hidden power display, stylish and fashionable

Same color design for front and rear, perfect appearance 8mm ultra-thin design metal aluminum

Low temperature control graphene plus pure cobalt battery smaller in size Compatible with Qi2 standard

15W wireless fast charging

20W PD fast charging

N54 Extra strong magnetic force, one-shot charging function, smart and convenient

Local safety certification: CE FC IEC-62368-1

Multiple safety protection devices: short circuit/overcharge/overheating/overcurrent protection

CNC aluminum alloy high quality cutting

Support Apple dual pop-up window function (can display the battery level of mobile phone or external battery in the mini program)

Magnetic design does not hold the lens (includes large lens protective case) Ultra-fine and ultra-thin, weighing only 120 grams

Safe and reliable quality assurance

Comes with USB to typec fast charging cable

Color : gold/blue/grey/purple

Size: 103mm (L) × 66mm (W) × 8mm (D)

AMG-CT SU-6+ Magsafe Extreme Slim 8mm 5000mAh PB

HK$288.00 Regular Price
HK$238.00Sale Price
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