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最新韓國品牌AMG-CT SX-3🔥

MagSafe + Qi2 standard 15W Max
可摺合 方便攜帶出外或旅行
鋁合金CNC N54強力磁吸
安全可靠 質量保證

隨機附送 type c to type c 快充線

顏色: 鈦金色

Size : 8.8mm*60.5mm+80mm*130mm*77.3mm

【保養】1年 天馬科技控股有限公司 Tel: 39531618



The latest Korea brand AMG-CT SX-3🔥 Foldable magnetic Qi2 wireless charging stand

MagSafe + Qi2 standard 15W Max

The biaxial bracket can be adjusted to multiple angles

Foldable and easy to carry around or travel

Aluminum alloy CNC N54 strong magnetic suction

The stand is suitable for placing mobile phones horizontally or vertically

The direction of the charging plate can be adjusted at any angle Weighs

only 141.5 grams

Safe and reliable quality assurance

Comes with type c to type c fast charging cable

Colour: Titanium gold

Size: 8.8mm*60.5mm+80mm*130mm*77.3mm

AMG-CT SX3 Foldable Quick Gharger Stand(Magsafe+Qi2 Standard) 15W Max

HK$298.00 Regular Price
HK$258.00Sale Price
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