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JTec JX-10 10000mAh 外置電

✌️MagSafe 磁吸帶4線無線充電

內置4線 iPhone / Type-C /Micro(輸出) 及 USB-A(輸入)
PD 20W 快充 iPhone15 系列可以使用

QC快充 22.5W 支持三星 / 華為 / 小米 等快充
15W Qi/Magsafe磁吸無線充
10000mAh 大電量
備USB和Typec 快充插口各一

顏色: 黑色 / 淺紫色 / 白色

Size : 113*69*22 mm Weight: 217g


JTec JX-10 10000mAh external battery ✌️MagSafe magnetic with 4-wire wireless charging Built-in 4-wire iPhone / Type-C /Micro (output) and USB-A (input) PD 20W fast charging is available for iPhone15 series QC fast charging 22.5W supports Samsung / Huawei / Xiaomi and other fast charging 15W Qi/Magsafe magnetic wireless charging 10000mAh large power Digital screen power display Hidden bracket allows for horizontal and vertical seating Can charge 5 devices at the same time Equipped with one USB and Typec fast charging socket Color: black/light purple/white Size : 113*69*22 mm Weight: 217g

J-TEC JX-10 Magsafe 10000mAh PowerBank with storage cable and stand

HK$338.00 Regular Price
HK$299.00Sale Price
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