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最新日本品牌JTec Mirror 6🔥
MagSafe 外置電 5000 mah 🔋
Qi + QC 3.0 + PD 3.0 輸出
QC type c + PD type c  輸入

鏡面設計 無線快速充電
支援Qi 15W 無線快充
支援Apple Magsafe 磁石功能
支援Android手機📱QC3.0 20W 快充
支援iphone📱 PD3.0 20W 快充

體積世界最小 磁吸力特強

尺寸 : 61mm*64mm*15mm

安全可靠 質量保證

隨機附送 usb to typec 快充線

銀色 / 桃紅色 

一年原廠代理保養:天馬科技控股有限公司 TEL:+853 39531618


The latest Japanese brand JTec Mirror 6🔥

MagSafe external battery 5000 mah 🔋

Qi + QC 3.0 + PD 3.0 output QC type c + PD

type c input Mirror design wireless fast charging Supports input and wireless charging and output (charging and discharging at the same time) Supports simultaneous wireless charging and wired charging Supports Qi 15W wireless fast charging Support Apple Magsafe magnet function Support Android phones 📱QC3.0 20W fast charging Support iPhone📱 PD3.0 20W fast charging

The world’s smallest size and extremely strong magnetic attraction

Weighs only 90 grams

Size: 61mm*64mm*15mm

Safe and reliable quality assurance Comes with USB to typec fast charging cable

silver / pink

J-TEC Mirror-6 5000mAh Magsafe Power Bank

HK$268.00 Regular Price
HK$128.00Sale Price
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